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Designed for both small and large websites, PHP is used by millions of websites including facebook and wordpress.  PHP is an object-oriented server-side language used by both small and large companies to develop custom web solutions and integration with android apps.  It has numerous benefits that make it an attractive solution to use and is why it is our choice for building solutions that best fit our client's needs.



Better performance

Lower drain on resources

Lower performance impact

Faster speeds

PHP was written in C language

 PHP utilizes the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). The LAMP stack ensures enhanced performance which is critical for web development.

 The OS and file system that is used on the server profoundly impact the performance. A fact is that Linux Operating System and ext4 file system offer a higher I/O performance when compared to Windows and NTFS file system.

Cross platform supported

Because PHP is open sourced, it works across all operating systems. 


Extensive support & Scalability

Easier to troubleshoot

Tons of frameworks to choose from to optimize your websites

Huge library of ready made components, controls, libraries, and frameworks

PHP is able to be installed and ran on any operating system (Linux, Apple, Windows)  where is limited.

Easy integration with MySQL and most relational databases

Since PHP is a programming language, it is capable of interacting with android applications for a truly mobile experience.


Lower costs

PHP with MySQL is free while  Microsoft with MSSQL can cost thousands of dollars in licenses

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