Want to integrate Etsy or Amazon?

Expand your marketing ground by integrating in Amazon or ETSY.  We can help get you setup to sell your products easily with either Amazon or Etsy.  By selling on Amazon or ETSY, you can increase sales by reaching new shoppers who are not already familiar with your company.  We make it easier to list your products on the world’s largest marketplace and get next-level brand visibility.


More markets to sell in

Easy-to-use components can be used to add, modify and delete your products on your web site as well as in Amazon or ETSY, thus saving you time and money.


Easy management of your goods

  • Create new Amazon / ETSY listings 
  • Sync product details, variants and images to your Amazon / ETSY account
  • Link products on your website with your Amazon / ETSY listings
  • Set unique price and reserve inventory for Amazon / ETSY listings
  • Monitor your inventory in Amazon / ETSY
  • Easily reconcile revenue from Amazon / ETSY sales 


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