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Currently I am specializing in MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, React Native, Jest, AWS Integration (serverless containers ) , UI/UX and mobile app development services. I spend most of my time walking clients through all four steps of development - Document, Design, Develop & Deploy.

Development technologies ReactJS NodeJS MongoDB Express

Step 1 : Documentation

I start by helping create a specification document that describes their project in detail, this document describe how the website or app should function start to finish. This document also defines what type of information needs to be requested on certain pages and why such as advanced customer intake forms. In the case of creating a website sometimes document is not needed due to how small the scope of the project is, however, there are often very large websites that I am requested to create and in those cases a well thought out specification document is required.

One form of documentation I also do is the type of specification document used to create an RFP. Any specification document created should describe what type of technologies used, who the intended audience is, and several use case scenarios of how a user will use the system created.

Specifications Document

Step 2 : Wireframes

I often create a wireframe prototype of the project based on the specification documentation. These wireframes work as a graphical representation of the website or app that are actually functional and the customer can click through. This simulates how the website will function, and often through this process the vision is adjusted for better user experience. These UX change sometimes require adjustment to the specification document.

Wireframe Example

Step 3 : Development

Once the client approves the specs and wireframes we then take the project through full development using the agile project development method which allows the customer to see tangible deliverables throughout the development process. Also as we develop, we implement unit testing so that as new code is written we can easily test all previously written code that new changes don't effect existing code and functionality.

Step 4 : Deployment

Once development is done clients often ask me to help in deployment, depending on the type of project it can range from deploying on Amazon Web Services, deploying app in Apple and Android app stores, and deploying a website to a hosting service.

Mobile App and Website Development

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