Aerial Photography

A photo is worth a thousand words and aerial drone photography can add a fresh new perspective to your marketing strategy. 

With our high resolution, 4k photography drones, you get the best possible solution for your needs up to 400 ft.  We can also produce virtual tours of your property or event.


What Is Aerial Photography

 Aerial photography refers to taking photographs from a Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV), also known as drones, at low altitudes or from a plane / helicopter at high altitudes.  According to market research, aerial photography will grow by 12.9 percent over the next six years.



 Uses for Aerial Photography

Aerial photography has many military, commercial, and residential uses.  From simple recordings of a party to large scale mapping and surveying projects, there are too many uses to list them all.  Aerial photography gives you a different perspective over a piece of property that you cannot get with traditional photography.




Types of Aerial Photography

  • Night / low light photography
  • Stabilized hd production video
  • Automobile and commercial marketing
  • Real estate
  • Film / movies
  • Pictometry ("bird's eye view")
  • Commercial realty
  • Virtual tours
  • Surveying / mapping


  • Commercial photography
  • Residential photography
  • Weddings / parties / events
  • Forestry / mountain surveillance
  • Construction progress photography
  • Time lapse film
  • Inspections
  • Promotional
  • Artwork



Committed to safety

Before every flight, we conduct a safety inspection of our equipment, review the weather conditions for high winds, and inspect the property for hazards, such as trees and power poles. We never let our drones fly out of our direct line of sight so we always can easily retrieve it in case of a malfunction or accident.  In case of safety concerns, we reserve the right to reschedule an event.


Things to know before you hire

 The FAA requires any commercial drone operator to be certified with a FAA certificate 107

 In some places, insurance is optional. 


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