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Beyond Social Media Marketing

Most websites focus on marketing in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pintrest.  We go beyond those sites and get you started in other sites, such as Google Places, Google Maps, Youtube, and Bing Places.  These sites are often overlooked yet can have major impact on your rankings and internet presense.  We offer strategic marketing services that assist our client’s unique selling strategies and align their initiatives to meet their business goals. 


How Social Marketing Can Help You Meet Your Marketing Goals

Be more visible in the internet

Higher brand awareness

Stay in touch with your customers

Provide more content to your customers


Social Media Strategies

Prepare for GenZ users - These users are replacing millennials and have a higher demand for finding meaningful information on the internet.  GenZ users are even more active and are in more social sites than millennials.

Have reasonable goals - Dont expect to have 1 million followers in the beginning.  Start small and work your way towards your goals

Interact with your audience - Let your audience hear from you so they feel engaged.  Engage with your users with live interactive videos, feeds, etc. 

Keep up to date with relative information and products - New products are always coming out every year. Find out what is trending today and what your users will want next year.

Research your competition and products - Is there a solution that you might be missing out on?  How are your competitors able to draw in more customers?

Use RSS feeds to populate your blogs - Keep your posts current and active so people see that you are always proving fresh information

In short, use social media to market your business by telling your customers what you’re doing,  whether it is to offer a sale or that you are going to a conference.


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