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What is Search Marketing?

In today's business environment search marketing in no longer an option but rather a necessity. Search Marketing is comprised of ongoing adjustments to your website to attain and retain top rankings in search engines.  Our Search Marketing Team will not only drive traffic to your site but will also monitor exactly how the traffic is behaving and converting once they are engaged.  Let's highlight some of the tools we use to get you to the top. 

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Yes ppc is an extra cost but for most successful business owners today it is a line item expense required to compete. Google is the largest engine and they have made it nearly impossible to gain access to the top half of the first page without running paid ads on their network.  We have the most advanced strategies to implement and manage profitable PPC campaigns. We utilize dynamic call tracking and complex conversion funnel tracking to know exactly how many sales your PPC spend is generating. PPC can also greatly speed the process of organic search optimization as well. We take the top performing keyword strings (in terms of ROI) from your ppc account and we can then optimize your site with rifled accuracy instead of a shotgun approach with hopes that our assumptions will produce.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO can be best accomplished thru analyzing conversion data and then optimizing the site to rank best on the top performing keyword sets.  If your site is brand new or not performing well then PPC is the fastest way to gain the data to optimize properly. If you have a good conversion history then we can work on optimization based on past sales or traffic performance. 

Dynamic Call Tracking

Dynamic call tracking is a code we place on your site that allows us to trace the exact steps of every phone call your site produces. In days past only data gained thru analytics was able to be used for tuning and optimizing your site.  Today with this technology we know who called, what keyword they searched, how many pages they visited, their IP address , and even the exact pages they visited before calling.  Each visitor is automatically assigned their own phone number that forwards to your main line. 

Web Session Recording

We also utilize programming that allows us to record via online dvr every session and visit to your site. We can use these recordings to monitor the site performance and greatly aid in enhancing the user experience. We can see pages that are not engaging properly and bouncing traffic and then we can repair the issues. We can also see pages that are performing well and  we can duplicate these pages making a better site at first launch. 

All the Tools and All the Expertise

Here at Little Frog we have a dedicated team to handle your search marketing needs for your new website or for your existing site. Contact us for a Free Search Marketing Analysis Today!


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