Cloud Based Business Solutions

Cloud Based Business Solutions : 

E-Commerce Cloud Based Systems - We offer complete e-commerce systems that are fully customized for your business needs. No more cumbersome templates or huge monthly fees to utilize a one size doesn't quite fit all solution.  Our systems can handle ordering, inventory, sales and shipping all accessed from a super encrypted cloud based server.  Compete much better in the global employment marketplace by offering remote administration positions. Streamline your entire operation and increase your sales while reducing your overhead. 

Executive Dashboards, schedulers and calendars - are an easy to use online calendar, planner, diary, organizer and team collaboration system suitable for business, student and professional use to help plan and manage their time and tasks efficiently, and with virtually zero learning curve. they bring together a diary and calendar planner and enhances them with a team collaboration and an innovative online notes & todo list system. Overall this productivity tool is designed to help remind you plan and complete tasks, record your days and achieve your goals - individually or within a team.

Employee Self Service Portal/Intranet - is an increasingly prevalent trend in human resources management that allows an employee to handle many job-related tasks (such as updates to personal information, and access to company information) that otherwise would be up to management or administrative staff. An ESS application may be made available over the company's intranet or portal and may be confined to a company's private network. ESS software is available as a stand-alone product or as a component of some larger application, such as an enterprise resource planning product.

Automated data management:

  • Installation, configuration and upgrading of Database server software and related products.
  • Evaluate Database features and Database related products.
  • Establish and maintain sound backup and recovery policies and procedures..
  • Implement and maintain database security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges).
  • Performance monitoring.
  • Setup and maintain documentation and standards.
  • Work as part of a team and provide 24x7 support when required.
  • Do general technical troubleshooting
  • Database recovery.

Vertical Portal (Vortal) - is a Website that provides a gateway or portal to information related to a particular industry such as health care, insurance, automobiles, or manufacturing. A vertical industry is one that is focused on a relatively narrow range of goods and services. Small business owners with home offices might be attracted to a comprehensive vertical portal that provided ideas and product information related to setting up and maintaining the home office.

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