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The Early Years

Little Frog Innovations (LFI) was founded in Largo FL, USA by Ian LeBlanc in 2005, but our history goes back further than that. LFI first started out as Ian LeBlanc Computer Solutions back in 1998 as a side job helping those who needing computer help while working a full time job for a web development company; this also lead him into doing contract web design work and PHP programming work.

Later Ian decided to create a website that fell in line with his interests, cars, so in 2002 CarExcess.com was started. This website sold 100,000s of different car parts and within only a few months of having the website online, the traffic had risen to over 50,000 visitors a month. From 2002 thru 2004 while this website was in operation, Ian learned a lot from this experience from a web design customer standpoint.

It was during those years that Ian also met Tyrone Thurston at one of the contact jobs he had worked for. Tyrone is a graphic artist and worked on many of the projects through those years with Ian and from these experiences, in the fall of 2004 CMATION was launched, LFI's premier Content Management System (CMS). Now with something more than just knowledge and part time work it was time to focus on one thing and do it full time vs doing many different types of part time contract work, so in January of 2005 Ian incorporated Little Frog Innovations.

How we got our name!

This name has been in our founder's family now for 3 generations. Ian LeBlanc's grandfather a French Canadian from New Brunswick moved to British Columbia to start a logging outfit back in the mid-1900s. Through the years loggers give nicknames to each other and as the story goes... one of the more polite ones was Little Frog. This was because Ian's grandfather was a 5.0' which for a guy is short, and a Frenchman hence the frog bit.

Fast forward to early 70s, Ian's father (Don LeBlanc - more on him later) decides to follow in his father's footsteps and starts his own logging outfit. Back in these days (for those who don't know) there weren't any computer systems around to just look up to see if a company name was taken or not... no... Back then you had to submit several name suggestions to the government and hope they picked the one you liked. So like any proper businessman... he carefully thought up 3 good names, wrote them down and then stared blankly at the last empty line. "Hmm why not call it Little Frog Logging" he jokingly says to himself, sighs and then thinks why not and writes it on the remaining line. Well a short time later he got a letter back from the Government of Canada and sure enough they had picked "Little Frog Logging" a name he has had now for more than 37 years.

Fast forwarding again to the fall of 2004 and you find Ian LeBlanc in the same dilemma as his father in the early 70s, stuck trying to come up with a name for the company. Ian and Tyrone Thurston wrote down ideas and showed them to each other in hopes of coming up with something that both thought sounded good. Many of the suggestions had the word Innovations in it which was a word that described what we do - we were innovative / innovators, but still couldn't figure out the rest and in similar fashion to his father Ian stated why not call it Little Frog Innovations and it stuck.

2005 to present

In 2005 with the formation of CMATION the previous year and a final decision made on the name in the beginning of 2005 we were incorporated in the State of Florida as Little Frog Innovations, Inc. Through the year as with every year since we worked hard on our CMS system adding various modules to it and more functionality.

In 2006 it was time to name the beast, also a challenge - how does one name something where it has meaning but doesn't sound bad, or hard to spell / mistype. After more trouble than naming LFI we settled on CMATION which stands for Content Management automATION which truly describes what CMATION is. We also had filed for our trademark with the USPTO.

In 2007 we were awarded the CMATION trademark June 12th 2007.

In 2008 we expanded CMATION to include the ability to manage a destination / membership directory as well as many smaller fixes on existing modules.

In 2009 along with many other companies in the US as well as the rest of the world we hit the recession. We bunkered down as best we could and continued to use our time to further develop CMATION.

In 2010 as in 2009 the recession continued until the fall which we started on several large long term programming websites. Through these 2 projects several new functions and features have been added to CMAITON. Also in 2010 we changed our focus to our local community in the Tampa Bay area and put our efforts into assisting the Clearwater Beach Chamber of Commerce with a new website. 2010 also marked the opening of our Canadian division Little Frog Innovations Canada with Don LeBlanc as the Canadian operations manager.

In 2011 we have had the busiest spring we have ever had also with the highest growth rate since incorporating in 2005. We have continued to focus on the businesses in the Tampa Bay area specifically the Clearwater Beach area which was hard hit economically due to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Even though no oil even came close to our beaches it added huge negative impact on our community. This community has started to recover and we are doing what we can to help the community by supporting and helping drive traffic to our customers' websites, and promote the Clearwater Beach Chamber from a tourist destination standpoint which we believe these efforts will go a long way to help the community recover.

June 7th Little Frog Innovations was awarded
"Best Small Business of 2011" by the
Clearwater Beach Chamber of Commerce


In 2012 we focused our efforts into our Canadian markets.

In 2013 started SeeTheOkanagan.com which is a tourist website for the okanagan area.

In 2014 we rolled out the new responsive website framework for CMATION

In 2015 the growth continued and we started developing a new CMS / CRM / ACCOUNTING platform

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